Episode 46 - What It Really Takes... (Lessons In Sovereignty & Cultivating Dreams)

This episode is an inspiring conversation on what it really takes to to cultivate your dreams.

If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: To walk as a woman who lets her dreams, ideas and inspirations have their way with her, is to also let the ways she isn't free yet, and the ways she doesn't yet trust herself, come to the surface for alchemy & deep reclamation.

To let desire in, is to let everything.

We are always in a state of transition as long as we value growth and expansion. If we choose to believe that life is only ever offering us the chance to be more whole, and we accept the invitation to expand the place within us that recoils, contracts or becomes triggered, then our final destination is always going to be sovereignty (complete within oneself).

To let yourself be fully seen, to let yourself pursue the impulse of your desires no matter how wild, weird or 'inconvenient' they may be.. To keep going when it's quiet and nothing seems to be happening or going to plan... To trust your vision when all signs point to an edge, and to play in the arena of your dreams despite every childhood wound being poked and triggered... Takes immense courage and self-belief.

Finally, if you are this woman, or you know a woman doing this (cultivating her dreams), send her (or yourself) a little love today. She might not need it, but it will re-remind her that she's got this.

I hope this episode inspires you to believe more fully in the magic of your desires, and calls the parts of you not yet feeling free, to the surface for contemplation.

as the guardian of what you're truly here to do, create, be and experience.

If this episode felt yummy to receive, let me know here. I'd love to hear from you.


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My friend, everything that you desire to have, be, do and create, is not only possible, but already yours.

This I am sure.

El x



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