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Head, Home, Heart & Spirit...

A 3-Month LifeSoul Mastermind for the woman carving her own path.

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I'm absolutely thrilled you're here.


Wonderland is for you if you desire to extract what's deeply alive within your human (such as a vision, passion, dream or idea), and transform it into a real-life tangible experience, exactly as your soul envisions it. 

Imagine curling up at your desk, a steamy cup of Kakao in hand, journal at the ready, feeling wildly giddy and supported in bringing your ideas, questions and very real, human aspects to the zoom room for deep celebration, refinement and expansion.


This is the experience I desire to bring you.

It's never just practical inside my spaces, it's always far more wholesome and multifaceted. 

We are here to birth ideas & dreams and sweetly release you from the identity that says it's not possible, or that you can't have it, or that you don't know-how.

Wonderland is a world devoted to you truly claiming your vision for yourself, without sacrifice, or requiring something to happen first.

You're ready, and never before have we lived in a time where it has been this possible.

Hear this:

You do not need anything but a willingness, curiosity and desire to begin carving your own path.


A whole new world, conversation and depth of beauty await you. 

A virtual playland for us...

Wonderland is a virtual playland combining the practical elements & deep alchemy & healing that come with emerging as a woman claiming something new, big, unknown & expansive for herself.

There is a flex & aliveness that comes with carving a path for oneself, and with this, a simultaneous wobble & edge. We are here to tend to both.

One aligned & careful decision at a time, your vision will become clearer, more refined and more beautiful than ever before.

What Wonderland explicitly offers, aside from her practical checklists & grounding wisdom, is a tenderness and nourishment that speaks deeply to the woman who is alive with desire and craving a space to make her magic tangible.

This woman truly knows there's so much more for her, and she's ready to walk the path (willingly, and blind if necessary).

To dream out loud, take up more space and be sincerely held as you initiate...


This is the magic that awaits your being. 

This particular iteration of Wonderland will be tending to the women with a vision, creative ideas, big dreams, and vivid impulses of desire that they wish to extract from their human, and pull through to their reality. 

 It is here that we'll begin tending to the threads that remain wobbly, confused, cautious or hidden from your conscious mind, so that you may emerge with your vision in realm time. Chills! 

Wonderland will tend to the hunger inside your human that desires to see and touch her vision fully. 


Keep scrolling or...

to your beautiful vision...

A love letter

I have a serious nack for turning dreams into real-life things and experiences. 

Hear this: It's truly OK to want what you want, no matter how risky, irresponsible, inconvenient or wild it seems to your conscious mind. No, truly. It is. 

When I first began walking with what was alive in my heart, it seemed as though I had one foot in the world of logic, practicality and responsibility (the known), and one in the world of magic, possibility, and potential (the unknown). 

One world made sense in reality, and one made sense in my heart. Can you relate?

I found myself dancing between these two worlds, and often they would collide, just not in the ways that were beautiful, coherent or in sync. It was more like one was in charge of the other depending on who I was speaking to and how I was feeling in the moment. 

One question I often asked myself was: Can I really trust this world? This world that makes sense to my heart, but no sense to the world I live in (and grew up in)?

The answer was, is and always will be a full-bodied hell yes.

I started walking as a dream-maker almost 10 years ago, after my mentor (Amber Hawken) and I extracted my deepest desire to work with women in the world of holistic health & fitness. Together, I claimed this vision & made it wholeheartedly tangible, and I've walked as this woman ever since. 

My experience with casting dreams, wobbling as I made them a reality, and turning myself inside out to arrive more and more sovereign led me exactly here, to you.

I have a new dream. To walk side by side with women as they transform their worlds into their own version of a Wonderland. And to tend to all the nuanced, egoic and creative threads that come with being a woman deciding (and creating) her reality. 

It is from within Wonderland that I desire to show you something truly beautiful. I can already see you on the other side, glowing from the inside out, visibly lighter in spirit, and marvelling at who you've become and what you've created. 

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I've spent almost 10 years working side by side with phenomenal women. Here's what I know to be true about what you desire...


Take me to new places, move me, don't shield from the truth or the hard things, be honest with me. Illuminate what I can't see, so that I may initiate myself into new levels of depth, love, trust, nourishment, reciprocity and transformation. 


To say what you really want to say, because when you do, you're training others to receive you in your truth; You're teaching them who you are and what you deeply value so they may meet you here.


To change directions as often and as little as your soul desires, without explanation, apology or hesitation.


Freedom to love as big and as bold as your heart desires, and to be deeply content with the life you are creating each and every day, one beautiful decision at a time.



On the promises you make to yourself, and your future self, first and foremost. You want to feel the deep gratitude and self-honour that comes with being able to fully trust yourself. Your follow-through offers you a trust you long to know fully. 



To let life in.


You want life to happen, but are you letting it happen?


The availability of your heart, solar plexus and sacral, to not just know love, connection & creation, but to fully let the way life is trying to seep up through you, in.


In yourself, the pace at which you move, and the decisions you choose to honour. Stability in the face of adversity, judgement, wobbles, stretching and flexing. To be rock-solid in the way you choose to boundary yourself, and experience, create, love and move throughout your life. 


In the way you experience time, pressure and urgency. Ease when tending to the actions your vision requires of you to take, and the decisions you need to make. Ease in aligning yourself with the vision you have for yourself and your life. 


In how you arrive in new places, levels and expansion. Grace in how you change direction, shift limitations, communicate entirely and hold yourself fully at all times. 


To be held and to receive without having to do or be anything extra. Unconditional reciprocity.


You desire to know a level of support that is not intent on fixing you, changing your mind, or telling you what to do. 


Non-emergent, tender and deeply channeled space-holding (oooft!).


To spend more time channeling your genius (where you are the knower of deeply integrated things... well and truly beyond your learned skillset). You experiencing greater, higher wisdom. 

It is here where your soul takes the wheel & speaks through you in a way that is shocking, stunning & simultaneously natural.



Aligning what's deeply true and alive in your heart with what's deeply true and alive in your world. 

Here this: It's all the same world.


Calibrating to this level of surrender, trust and mastery for the sake of all of the above.

While Wonderland is not 1:1 mentorship, it is an intimate container for us to explore, expand, refine & pull-through your vision, while tending to the ecosystem of your human. 

No matter how new, scary, wobbly or expansive this feels to you, you can do this. I promise. 

My devotion to your success is unwavering, and what I have to teach you, show you, and offer you is a true representation of my own desire to see more woman claiming their dreams.

I am with you, all the way.


There's not a single doubt in my mind that you will overcome and arrive as the woman with her desires in hand.

And if you're already doing it, I can't wait to see you take the rich and potent opportunities within this container and apply them. Your relationships, communities and family will feel your elevation. Get ready for that.

The world of desire has a magic and potential to it that is truly untapped. 


I cannot wait to show you what else there is...

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El xo

Image by Kinson Leung

Your vision get's to be beautiful...

If you're contemplating or know already that you'll be joining me in Wonderland, hear this:

I am here to honour the precise way your desires want to come to life through you. 

The way you see it, is the way we'll create it. 

I want to meet you in the throws of your full and unbridled yes.

And all the little nuances and inner conflicts, we'll simply tend to along the way (stunning, right?!).

Together we will call forward your vision in it's truest form and help you make sense of it's bigness in a practial and cohesive way. I will offer you the structure, support and information you seek to do this wholeheartedly. I've got you.

Arriving in our  heads, homes & hearts as the women who have invested in knowledge, and who are grounded, neutral and alive with wonder - is our greatest flex. 

Playing with desire gets to be breathtakingly beautiful and I can't wait for you to experience this for yourself.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Never before have we been in a time where opportunity is this available to us.

To be the woman in pursuit of the vision she holds is closer and more accessible than ever before.

The labyrinth that isextracting & curating desire is about to become so much softer & beautiful. 


The Practical Elements

Wonderland is a 3-month Mastermind for the woman who desires to know more for herself. She holds a vision that she is hell-bent on crafting in this lifetime. She wants to meet herself exactly as she imagines.

Wonderland represents the depth, sovereignty & alchemy essential for women claiming something true, alive and of deep importance to their heads, homes, hearts & spirits.

We begin Monday 1st August 2022, and over 3 very full and beautiful months, we will meet fortnightly in the zoom room to immerse in the multifaceted aspects of your vision.

Following is a loose outline of the topics I am adamant to bring to you (because they will change everything about the way you perceive yourself and your desires). 

The beauty of this Mastermind container, however, is that our direction will often change and evolve with the women in the room. This means nothing is 'off topic' and everything is on the table.


I will however lead us powerfully and offer the structure and containment for us to have potent, inspiring, real, and butt-kicking conversations. 

Month 1;

The Identity of a Woman In Pursuit 
The Highest Ideal of Desire


Month 2;

Putting Yourself & Your Ideas Out Into The World

Month 3;

The Tales We Tell Ourselves

Creating Forwards

Month 4;

Retreat (Optional)

You read that right. We will come together, in person, and bring our experience full circle. This beautiful 4-day experience is available to you as an option to deeply integrate and walk as the woman who trusts herself beyond recognition. Learn more about the retreat here, or keep scrolling.

Call Times & Access;

We will establish call times as a community in our first call together. Our first call is Monday 25th August.

Access to your calls and resources will be via our online Wonderland Portal for which you will receive a login for upon registration. 

All calls will be recorded and available in your online home for the duration of Wonderland and until October 30th 2022.

Important Note - 

We are crafting your vision. This means you not being on the calls isn't really an option. Please consider how you intend to make yourself fully available to Wonderland before joining us. 

As a woman in pursuit of her dreams, it is my greatest honour to serve you however, I am not here to drag you over the line or tend to your personal needs. I exist powerfully for the women who are self-responsible & desire to experience something absolutely phenomenal. 

RETREAT Gold Line.png

The Retreat


This exquisite experience, while optional, has been created to layer in depth, and ceremoniously close our experience together. 

Following our 3-month journey into the realms of birthing dreams, we will come together in Southern NSW for a breathtaking 4-day retreat where we will immerse in workshop, nourishment, community and deep alchemical practice.

Important information regarding our retreat;

  • Dates: Monday 24th October to Thursday 27th October 2022.

  • Duration: 3 Nights & 4 Days. 

  • Location: Yanada Retreat, St Albans NSW (Approx. 2.5 hours drive South of Newcastle).

  • Inclusions: Your Ravenous & Retreat bundle is all-inclusive. This means your accommodation, meals & retreat experience is included.

  • Costs: Your Retreat is included in your Ravenous & Retreat bundle purchase (see below).

A beautiful Retreat handbook with further information will be provided to you upon registration.

I deeply encourage you to join us and close out this stunning experience with me & your Ravenous sisters. ​


This retreat has been designed exclusively for the participants of Ravenous & Wonderland, and cannot be purchased separately. The work that is undertaken in these specific programs prepares participants for the magic and depth that is our Retreat.



Wonderland & Retreat Bundle

This bundle includes your 3-month business mastermind with Ellen and a spot at our October 2022 retreat.

Reduced pricing ends Sunday 17th July 11:59PM AEST.

1 x Payment of $2,699 AUD

4 x Payments of $684

Wonderland Mastermind Only

This bundle includes your 3-month business mastermind with Ellen and does not include a spot at our Retreat.

Reduced pricing ends Sunday 17th July 11:59PM AEST.

1 x Payment of $1,599 AUD

3 x Payments of $543 AUD

Note - If you're paying via a plan, your first instalment is due upon registration, and each consecutive instalment will occur monthly until all 3 instalments have been paid.


Not Just Strategy, But Soul...

As women with big hearts, wildly creative visions and desires to create so much more, this container will be facilitated in a way that takes desire from risky and nuanced, to beautiful and sacred. 


I understand that we want our desires & visions to represent so much more than a step-by-step copy of what's already been done.

Wonderland is not about strategy or thinking your way to success. Just typing that sentence feels limited.


The vastness and limitlessness that resides in the Wonderland space,  makes it more possible to deliver your vision with more purity than ever before.  

I promise you, magic awaits. xx

Image by Mathew Schwartz

wonderland summarised

  • Wonderland is a 3-month Mastermind for the woman who desires to know more for herself (and natrually her relationships, family and soul). She holds a vision that she is hell-bent on crafting in this lifetime. She wants to meet herself exactly as she imagines.

  • You do not need anything but a willingness & a full-bodied yes to join Wonderland. We will tend to the rest in our experience together. 

  • We begin Monday 1st August 2022 and will meet fortnightly in the zoom room to immerse in the multifaceted aspects of your vision.

  • Access to your Wonderland portal, including call replays and resources, will be provided to you upon registration via our online Wonderland portal.

  • All Wonderland calls will be in AEST time and will be recorded and uploaded to your Wonderland portal for which you will have access for the duration of Ravenous and until 30th October 2022.

  • This is a Mastermind. I will become your mentor and workshop your ideas, desires and wobbles with pristine clarity, precision and alignment to the vision you hold so dearly. First and foremost, I will tend to the complexity that is, being a human being stretching herself out to create more for herself.

  • A beautiful 4-day Retreat has been crafted to bring your Wonderland journey full circle. This Retreat is optional and will take place from Monday 24th - Thursday 27th of October in Southern NSW (2.5 hours North of Newcastle). Spaces are limited.

  • Wonderland represents the knowledge, sovereignty & alchemy essential for women claiming something true, alive and of deep importance to their heads, homes, hearts & spirits. ​

It's not just turning desire into reality, it's all that comes with stepping into the identity of a woman claiming more than she has ever claimed for herself before.