Episode 47 - On Losing Your Way

This is an episode that will feel really nourishing if and when you’re in a space of discombobulation.

It also serves as a very beautiful reminder about the natural transitions we make in our lives sometimes unconsciously, and how even these offer us incredibly powerful opportunities to grow, serve and offer value to our community and business.

If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: Sometimes we have to lose our way in order to truly recognise what alignment looks and feels like for us. Sometimes we have to lose our way for the sake of knowing how it looks and feels to be drifting, lost, untethered from our truth, out of alignment with our values, and out of integrity with our choices and sovereignty. Sometimes we have to lose our way for the sake of learning how to find our way home. A skill that can only come from losing our way.

To lose your way, is to strengthen & deepen the place you call home.

Keep this episode in your back pocket for those times when you may be drifting and in need of a really grounded and ordinary reminder to come back to what’s right, true and aligned for you.

I hope this episode inspires you to trust more fully in the magic of your drifting, and calls the parts of you not yet fully OK with this, to the surface for contemplation.

If this episode felt yummy to receive, let me know here. I'd love to hear from you.


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This I am sure.

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