My IG Mexican-Spice (Rub)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Let me preface by sharing something wildly personal with you: I'm the person who puts tomato sauce on her chicken tortilla's (don't judge me).

I'm also no chef, but I love to spend time learning how to make food that packs a nutrient-dense punch and I've learned some cool tricks over the years.

If you play over on the gram you may have seen my stories filled with Mexican colours and flavours, all made from scratch (it's really easy, promise!).

Today I'm going to share with you a small piece of that (for now).

My IG Mexican-Spiced chicken is what you will have seen over on my IG (obvi). I put this recipe together one day as an experiment, tweaked it a few times, and voila! It tastes a little different each time I make it, but I secretly enjoy not knowing how it's going to turn out.

I double or triple the recipe and sometimes I'll throw random things in to see what happens (yolo!). I also use all organic ingredients (because chemicals and pesticides).

Before I handover the goods, I want to share something else with you.

I NEVER liked cooking until I gave myself permission to fuck it up. I've found that the less I try to get it perfect (and full of all the nutrients (that came later)), the more fun and simple it is for me. I blast some tunes and dive in with a serious yolo attitude. Worst case scenario, I learn something valuable and we starve (or order pizza...).

Ingredients (Roughly):

4 Tbsp Ground Chilli Powder (if you don't have chilli you could try 2 Tbsp Cayenne - just be mindful it's WAY hotter than Chilli Powder - you're welcome)

2 Tbsp Ground Cumin Powder

2 Tbsp Sweet Paprika

2 Tbsp Smoked Paprika

1 Tbsp Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

1 Tbsp Onion Powder

1 Tbsp Oregano (flakes or ground)

1 Tbsp Coriander (flakes or ground)

1 Tsp Yellow Curry Powder


Spoon into a mason jar or glass container and combine. Keep the lid on and pop it in the pantry.

When your ready to use, sprinkle as much or as little as you desire onto your chicken before you stir-fry in the pan. I like to do it beforehand and 'rub' the spice in so the chicken soaks up as much flavour as possible.

You can also use this spice rub on tofu, fish or beef strips.

Enjoy, beautiful human! (don't forget to tag me in your Mexican dinners ;))


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