My Anxiety 'Story'

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Before you read on, this blog post is available as 'Episode 1 - My Anxiety Story' over on The Holistic PT Podcast as an audio clip.

I’ll never forget the very first time one of my clients came to me to let me know that she had weaned herself of her anti-anxiety medication simply by being with me and inside the community I had created for women to shine, honour and reclaim themselves, drip by drip, at every session.

Since then, those messages of gratitude and radical change are abundant. Without realising it, the work I’ve been doing all of these years has reached into the souls of the women I work with and tugged hard at their heads and hearts.

My intention is to share the ways of my journey. Not to tell you what to do, or to fix or cure you. I’m here to share and be the person I needed many years ago, for any person who needs this now.

It has taken me 6 years to find the courage to raise my voice and it’s both beautiful and fitting that I kickstart the conversation with something that was the ultimate catalyst for me in unraveling my entire identity, a journey that really allowed me to step into and honour myself and who I always have been, an ever evolving human who feels and think deeply, cares passionately and is obsessed with helping others do the same work.

Most people would start this conversation with what anxiety is and their idea of how to ‘fix it', but I know it's much more complex than that.

My favourite thing to start any conversation with is, why.

If you experience big or small feelings of anxiety, then why - why it matters that you keep reading today, is critical.


  • It matters because you matter, period.

  • If you wish to create or obtain any degree of success in life, it matters.

  • It matters for healthy relationships and most importantly, relationships with beautiful communication including the ability to share your feelings and hold space for one another.

  • It matters for your confidence and decision making skills. Us anxious humans tend to worry about all the ways our decisions could negatively impact our lives or the lives of others.

  • It matters if we insist on breaking the cycle in our family units. If we want to sever the passing down or passing on of un-healed, heavy, big, anxious experiences, feelings and trauma, this is critical.

My friends, this work has enabled me to build a 6-figure business and help women overcome the heavy parts of life while allowing them to also thrive through the light and flowy parts, too.