Episode 7// Dear Perfectionists

If you resonate with the energy of perfectionism, you’ll notice how it steals your energy, joy and connection to your body and your truth (or maybe you don't notice).

In this episode, I unpack the 3 dominant types of perfectionism that were prevalent in my life including body image, appearance, health and business.

I speak on indecisiveness, seeking approval, and the universal law of control and how perfectionism masks the fears that manifest and show up in our lives as anxiety, depression, control and unworthiness as a result.

Key Moments;

  • Why we strive for perfectionism.

  • What’s underneath perfectionism and how to shift your energy.

  • Ways perfectionism is dominating your energy, life and happiness, that you may not be aware of.

  • Why we feel the need to control, manipulate and change how people feel and think about us.

  • Body image and why we care so much about how we look, and ways to reconnect with your body.

  • The silly stories that prevent us from trying new things and how to flip them and begin living in the energy of truth.

  • The practice of surrender, self-acceptance and letting go.


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Ellen combines personal development, healing, and physical performance as a coach and athlete through her online program Heal Her and inside her women’s performance facility located in Newcastle Australia. Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect to their radiance, and overcome their mental, emotional, social, familial and spiritual challenges.

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