Episode 45 - Desire {Becoming A Clear Channel}

This episode is a lush conversation on *desire*. My intention for this episode is to create a gateway for you to engage with your desires beyond the experience of obscurity, fear, doubt and overwhelm.

If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: When you are careless with your desires, what you're really saying is that you have an inherent distrust in where they come from, and what they represent. When you treat your desires like a bargaining chip rather than an infinite and organic resource, you cannot expect your life-force to not be implicated.

I hope this episode inspires you to initiate yourself as the guardian of what you're truly here to do, create, be and experience.

Deepen the conversation with me here...

Life-Force Activated | The Masterclass When: Monday 25th April 2022 Time: 12-2pm AEST If you're unable to make the live transmission, a recording will be emailed directly to your inbox shortly after.

I hope to see you there, beauty.

El x


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