Episode 43 - Money Mindset Matters with Ana Pereira.

This episode is a deep dive into the history and evolution of monetary systems and the current COVID climate. And it's for everyday people like you and I.

My intention for this episode is to bring an empowering voice to the table and inspire you with the knowledge and practical application to begin facing not only your personal finances, but the financial global changes that are already happening today.

Ana and I dive into the 3 different types of money & their evolution, cryptocurrency, precious metals, inflation, investing, 'rent-vesting', the suppression of human evolution & shifting away from 3D reality, and the future of money.

If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: To bring more awareness to the personal limitations and somewhat confronting revelations we face with money in its physical form today, and in the near future, is to empower ourselves to respond now rather than react later.

I hope this episode inspires you to reframe your money limitations & current global events, elicit courage, take up more space at the money table, and re-write your money stories in a way that launches you into action and simply begin.

You were made for this time, and I honour you.

My favourite points for you:

3:00 Ana's powerful story & the defining moments that led her to share her wisdom.

11:00 Limitations & why we don't make space for learning about money.

22:00 The history of money & why crypto is taking up more space in relation to the pandemic. 23:30 The 3 different types of money (history of money continued).

31:30 The history of crypto & why its the 'peoples' money.

36:00 Inflation & stimulus packages.

41:00 Investing in precious metals (gold & silver).

44:00 Why are people 'prepping' right now?

53:00 What you can do right now & liberation.

57:00 Rent-vesting & building multiple income streams (making debt work for you).

1:04:00 What about the little guy who is just hearing about inflation & money?

1:08:00 Where and how to begin reclaiming your money power.

1:21:00 Resources (books, podcasts, downloads, Ana's free money action plan).

1:32:00 Evolution & Revolution (shifting away from a 3D perspective)

"You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are (financially)." ~Ana Pereira


Youtube: The Hidden Secrets of Money; Mike Maloney


Book: The Thousand Dollar Project; Canna Campbell

Book: The Three Waves of Volunteers And The New Earth; Delores Cannon

Book: The Having, The Secret Life of Feeling & Growing Rich; Sun Yoon Lee & Jooyun Hong

Download: Free Money Action Plan by Ana Pereira

E-Book: Money Mindset Matters E-Book by Ana Pereira

Download: Free Money Meditation by Ana Pereira Podcast: The Money Mindset Podcast by Ana Pereira

Instagram: @money_mindset_matters

Let any lessons you learn about yourself today, fuel and reignite the fire within you to show up and take up more space than ever before. You are the boss of your life...

Let me know how you go. xx


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