Episode 42 - Journaling Architecture (how to).

Journaling is an artful form of self-connection and has profound powers over our energetic and physical worlds. It is somewhat a reclamation of truth, words, desires, mind, heart, body and soul, and just like a beautiful purge of tears, it always feels so yummy once it's on the page.

My intention for this episode is to explore the common hiccups and somewhat confronting revelations we face with journalling such as confusion, taking too much responsibility and going a smidge deeper when the timing is ripe.

"You become the architect of who you are, when you journal"

If you take only one thing away from this episode, let it be this: journaling is not a tool to be weaponised for continued self-abuse. It's a superpower, your superpower, for transformation, self-connection and layering in depth and deliberacy.

I hope this episode inspires you to reframe journalling in a way that mobilises you to take pause and begin your discernment process.

When I journal I froth on ambient sounds or tunes with no words. Here are some of my favourite journaling playlists + others you might delight in:

My favourite points for you:

4:00 Journaling rules and how to liberate yourself from them.

6:00 Journaling Architecture

8:30 Linking journaling to your values & physical world. 12:30 Self-knowingness V. Self-abuse.

21:00 Self-responsibility V. Over-responsibility.

26:00 Confusion, limitation & black and white thinking.

33:30 Avoidance & reuniting with your inner voice.

39:00 The energetic weight of words.

41:30 "I don't know" as a form of protection.

Journaling reinstates you as the woman in charge of her alignment, boundaries, physical & emotional states, and values.

You can find the 5 journal prompts to end that I mention in this episode here.


Take yourself on a yummy date, and allow this tool to guide you to reinstate yourself back into your life.

And let any lessons you learn about yourself, fuel and reignite the fire within you to show up and take up more space than ever before. You are the boss of your life... Let me know how you go. xx


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