Episode 41 - Restoring Depth, Purpose & Clarity.

This might be the worlds greatest pep talk for reinstating yourself as the boss in your life... you'll let me know, won't you?

My intention for this episode is to reignite the fire in your belly to make space for more depth, purpose & clarity in your life.

I'd rather be in a space of 'I don't know' than in a space of never knowing.

I riff on some powerful personal lessons including non-attachment to blame when expressing emotions, releasing the need for the ebb to 'hurry up' so you can get back to flow, and wasting energy.

I hope this episode inspires you to reawaken your desire to play full out in your world and realign your desires, purpose and direction.

My favourite points for you:

3:30 Owning the weight of your big hairy and audacious goals and visions.

8:00 Requirements for taking up more space.

11:20 Speaking as the portal to emotional expression.

15:30 Setting yourself up for a powerful week even in chaos. 19:00 Modelling new flavour of leadership. 22:30 Free self-coaching tool to re-align and re-ignite you with your values and stop wasting energy.

27:20 Becoming the boss of the hundreds of little tasks.

31:30 Worlds greatest pep talk and reminder that you are the key player in your life.

35:00 Self-reflection and energetic shifts.

"What is the smallest, most powerful thing I can do right now, that will allow me to feel like I've done enough, and will fulfil my role as a leader, healer, coach?"


Take yourself on a yummy date, and allow this tool to guide you to reinstate yourself back into your life.

And let any lessons you learn about yourself, fuel and reignite the fire within you to show up and take up more space than ever before. You are the boss of your life... Let me know how you go. xx


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