Episode 40 - Reclaiming Your Breath with Neuroscientist & Breathwork Coach, Cathy Scanlon (PhD).

In this episode, Cathy and I unpack the barriers of entry to breathwork and remind you that you are in control of the decisions you make inside (and outside) of your breathwork practice.

My intention for this episode is to inspire you to breathe without feeling like you'll somehow fail or 'open pandora's box'.

There are a plethora of benefits to breathwork which Cathy shares with us throughout this episode. I hope it hits home for you the way it did for me!

As Cathy put it so beautifully...

"Enough of this like, forcing people into situations they feel uncomfortable with..."

My favourite points for you:

15:00 Plant Medicine (Ayahuasca) + Ceremony + Breathwork

19:30 My personal story of being 'cracked open'

24:00 Reclaiming Breath + Overcoming Resistance/Intimidation

29:45 Secret Benefits of Breathwork & Different Types of Breath

38:00 Emotions + Breathwork

42:00 Cathy teaches us how to breathe using our diaphragm

49:15 What to do when we hit a wall or fail in our breathwork

57:00 Stress Resilience + Breathwork 1:00:05 Instagram Q&A 1:12:00 Becoming Centred + Trusting Yourself

Cathy Scanlon (PhD); Neuroscientist, Breathwork Coach & Recovering Academic.

This glorious human being will walk you into your breathwork with integrity, no doubt.

Cathy's 6-week online program is sure to help you enter the realms of breathwork in a loving container. You can start your journey with her here.

She also offers drop-in classes here.

In this episode Cathy mentions breathwork coaches here in Australia. Their details are below for you:

Siobhan is in Melbourne:

Rowena is in Perth:

You can also find Cathy and her incredible wisdom, tutorials and insights over on instagram @breathworkcoaching.

We would love to hear from you. What stood out for you in this episode? Let us know in the comments below or over on IG

El xo


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