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Episode 4// Becoming Your Own Hero with Yasmin Sykes

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In this episode, you’ll hear from local Newcastle babe, Yas Sykes. We unravel her life struggles and celebrate where she finds herself today.

“If I had just given up, I wouldn’t have realised, even at 38, I can change and become a better version of me”.

Key obstacles we discuss;

  • Exercise feeling like a ‘chore’.

  • Doing what you’re good at, not what you love to do.

  • Shutting down out of fear of rejection.

  • Moving through bouts of anxiety and depression.

  • Self-harm.

  • Filling up the cups of others first.

  • Mom guilt.

  • Worry and over-analysing big emotions and feelings.

  • Perfectionism and the all or nothing approach (fear of failure).

  • Body Image.

Key wins we discuss;

  • Opening to life and love, with trust.

  • Creating a better ‘her’ for ‘them’.

  • Becoming an avid strength-training lover.

  • A profound willingness to create change.

  • Losing weight doesn’t fix life’s problems.

  • Meditation, as a work in progress.

  • Self-kindness.

  • Taking responsibility for where you are.

  • Never giving up.


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