Episode 39 - Holding Your Ground

It's a beautiful thing, learning to hold your ground.

It's even more beautiful to create an internal pact with yourself to move from your integrity, and trust your intuition, truth and beliefs. Isn't it?

What's important to you is worthy of your conviction.

To be this deliberate with yourself is not only brave, it's a breeding ground for powerful self-empowerment.

And therein lies a mighty dilemma -

The cost of holding your ground is facing your fear of being rejected, misunderstood, abandoned, judged and ridiculed.

When you agree with your soul to move strictly from your integrity and in alignment with what is true and right for you, deep down, you sense that trouble isn't too far behind...

Because when we stand fierce in our conviction of who and what we are, those who have become accustomed to the less-free-version of us, almost always have something to say, don't they?

So your work becomes noticing the temptation to reduce yourself into smallness, and to honour your unsurprising survival mechanisms to freeze, flee, fight and appease - in order to seek safety and comfort.

Safety and comfort are counterproductive when learning to hold your ground.

Amidst your temptation to run, hide, apologise or sink, you stay exactly there. Otherwise -

In your attempt to protect yourself from the pangs of rejection, you'll block yourself from the pleasure of knowing who and what you truly are.

Holding your ground is your portal to your inner power.

Let's explore together in this episode.

El xo


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