Episode 38 - Powerful Reframes For Putting Yourself First.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Episode 38 offers powerful reframes to help you shift your self-prioritisation beliefs, so that you can move from a place of power and love, instead of fear and "keeping the peace".

It's a reclamation of the ways you desire to be fully activated and alive in life - and a reminder that your self-care doesn't take away from the world (especially if we perceive the world as suffering) and in fact, powerfully contributes to it.

Sweet humans, most of us (if not all of us) have been conditioned to believe that putting others before ourselves is the right thing to do.

In this episode, I'm opening this perspective to include what we're not always willing or able to see because we're so zoomed in on our own personal beliefs, fears and obstacles.

"If you lose someone but find yourself, you've won" - Unknown.

I begin this episode with a firm question - 'What does self-care mean to you'? If you're unclear on your own definition of self-care, how can you possibly begin to prioritise it? You won't even look for the opportunity!

The reframes I offer in this episode point to 3 common obstacles we face when attempting to put ourselves first.

The 3 common obstacles are:

  1. Fear of failing & upsetting others (feeling bad, guilty and/or wrong) and therefore, settling to keep the peace or avoid hurting others.

  2. Time (there's no time or not enough time).

  3. Feeling overwhelmed & unclear (I don't how, it's too hard, I'm just not that type of person).

If you're feeling 'stuck' , 'blocked' or 'powerless' to create the boundaries you desire for your self-care, this episode serves as your bridge to move from frustration and fear, to power and acceptance.

Big love,

El x


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