Episode 34 - Meeting A Bigger You

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

What does change look like to you?

For me, it looks like distancing myself from all external pressure and expectation and choosing a bigger version of myself, one who represents the change I desire.

I visualise every trait, behaviour, action, decision and emotion that this ideal version of myself would possess, and I become her. I choose bigger than the habitual version of myself that I know now.

Another way to put this: Instead of worrying about how to change (and all the steps and checkboxes I need to tick off to validate I’m on the right track to my change), I become the change before it’s here.

The scary-fun part? I never know what/who this new version of myself is or how her presence will shake things up in my known world (my businesses, relationships, friendships etc).

When we sense change is required or we’re on the precipice of shedding a loose layer of ourselves, the work is an inside job because ultimately what we’re breaking away from is an attachment to the outside world.

In today’s episode, I share a more heart-opening approach to creating change on any level, for any area of your life, and internally. I’ll walk you through meeting a bigger version of yourself and why this is the most powerful practice for growth and transformation.


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