Episode 3// Becoming Your Own Hero with Chelsea Wood.

In this episode, you’ll hear from local Newcastle babe, Chelsea Wood. We unravel her life struggles and celebrate where she finds herself today.

This is your invitation to explore another woman’s hardship so you can find the wisdom, courage, confidence and audacity, to explore your own.

Key obstacles we discuss;

  • Experiencing a traumatic car accident, followed by pain and headaches.

  • Fear of being rejected in the gym.

  • Emotional eating through hard times.

  • The guilt of being a ‘yes’ person.

  • Giving from an empty cup.

  • Abandonment.

Key wins we discuss;

  • Not settling for a life of pain and suffering.

  • Learning to say ‘no’, without the guilt.

  • The power of learning nutrition as a skillset.

  • Deadlifting 100kgs!

  • Bravery in speaking out about uncomfortable things.

  • Becoming a hero.

“Stop living for other people and starting living for you." ~ Chelsea Wood.


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