Episode 26// Alchemising Fear with Love.

Remaining in my integrity and truth has felt more challenging than ever before.

I’ve recently witnessed myself move reactively from fear multiple times. I’ve been swept up in the bellowing energy of the world and, the louder it “feels”, the more I struggle to discern what’s theirs (energy/opinion/truth) and what’s mine.

I’ve had to drop in countless times each day and ask myself a very simple and truth-provoking question:

Am I coming from love or fear?

Am I rooted IN love or am I rooted IN fear?

The key element that I am reminded of in these moments is that:

Fear begets fear and love begets love.

In other words, moving from fear devolves me into reactivity and survival (defend to the end), and moving from love lengthens and expands my capacity for more and more wholeheartedness.

And when the heart is wide open we are LIMITLESS (love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies there is).

Moving from love at a time like now is the necessary hard.

Necessary, because more love must be funnelled to those parts of our psyche that feel exposed right now and, hard because moving from fear tends to occur unconsciously.

If you are unequivocally honest with yourself right now, which would you say you’re rooted in? Love? Or fear? Share in the comments below or with me here.

If you answered fear, I’m with you.

Let’s champion each other as we start planting seeds of love amidst the chaos.


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Ellen combines personal development, healing, and physical performance as a coach and athlete through her online program Heal Her and inside her women’s performance facility located in Newcastle Australia. Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect to their radiance, and overcome their mental, emotional, social, familial and spiritual challenges.

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