Episode 24// 5 Unconventional Weight Loss Barriers Pt. II

This is not your typical ‘how to lose weight’ episode, peeps.

Ellen walks listeners through the work that is reclaiming your autonomy and creating a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic harmony with your body.

This episode unpacks the deeper layers of our weight loss woes and covers barriers 4 & 5 (see episode 22 for barriers 1,2,&3) including the unconscious limitations enable less autonomy, and the vital role of the nervous system.

If your gut sinks at the thought of weight loss and you feel as if you’re in a never-ending war with your mind and body, this episode is for you.

And if your body, food, exercise and overall wellbeing are things you’ve come to truly appreciate, Ellen unpacks where else to ‘look’ to strengthen these relationships further.


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Ellen combines personal development, healing, and physical performance as a coach and athlete through her online program Heal Her and inside her women’s performance facility located in Newcastle Australia. Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect to their radiance, and overcome their mental, emotional, social, familial and spiritual challenges.

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