Episode 23// The Money Episode with Coraline Dufroux.

This is not your typical money episode, peeps.

Coraline & Ellen walks listeners through the work that is reclaiming your financial autonomy and creating financial and energetic abundance.

This episode unpacks our ‘money stories’ and the unconscious limitations that drive us to create wealth, or not.

If your gut sinks when receiving unexpected bills and you feel like there’s just never enough money, this episode is for you.

And if money is something you ‘love’, Coraline unpacks creating ‘more than enough’ and where else to ‘look’ for what may be holding you back from generating more.

In many ways, we are co-creating a ‘lack’ mindset which is blocking us from creating financial wealth for ourselves. Coraline explores all of this (and more) while offering her own personal experiences, lessons and insight into the world of MONEY.


Witch School (for healing ancestral wounds) with Dr Danielle Arabena.


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Coraline is a French/Australian Business Mentor who helps women get over their BS money stories and MAKE IT RAIN!!

Founder of ‘The Wealth Club’, ‘Soulful Money’, and ‘Keep The Change Podcast’, Coraline is passionate about helping women reclaim their financial autonomy and create mass amounts of wealth (because you are ALLOWED!).


Instagram: Coraline Dufroux