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Episode 21// Mental Health & Exercise with Karly O'Hara.

Psychology honours student and Personal Trainer, Karly O’Hara, dismantles the barriers women face with exercise as a result of their mental health challenges.

This episode offers tools, guidance and support for women and personal trainers to explore anxiety, depression, body image, self-doubt and comparison with themselves and their clients, including:

For Humans:

  • Naming and living with anxiety.

  • Physical symptoms and a deeper understanding of the anxiety experience.

  • Exercising through mental health challenges.

  • Tools for understanding and supporting anxiety, comparison and self-doubt.

  • Your ideal weight is not always your healthiest or happiest weight.

For Personal Trainers (PT’s):

  • A deeper look at the supporting link between mental health and physical exercise.

  • PT’s unknowingly taking on the role of accidental councillor.

  • Supporting your PT clients through their mental health experiences.

  • Making mental health barriers less challenging.

  • Asking better questions to touch the depth of your client’s goals.


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Karly is an undergraduate Psychology honours student and a Personal Trainer at Mind & Body Performance Newcastle with a passion for mental and physical health.

Driven by overcoming her own anxiety and comparison challenges, her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect with their body, and overcome their physical and mental health challenges.


Instagram: @karly_madison


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