• Ellen Travassaros

Episode 20// The Art Of Allowance.

Ellen unpacks allowance as a guidance tool for integration which is one of the necessary processes required for personal development.

When you begin your personal development journey and start to experience deep insights about yourself and the world, allowance can be your guiding light to settling into this new version of yourself with kindness and patience.

Giving yourself time and compassion as you integrate what you’re learning and becoming is a generous and nourishing way to support yourself as your consciousness expands and uncertainty arises.

This episode offers permission to dance with surrender and to witness yourself reaching for ways to ‘fix’ or ‘change’ yours and other peoples experiences.


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Ellen combines personal development, healing, and physical performance as a coach and athlete through her online program Heal Her and inside her women’s performance facility located in Newcastle Australia. Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect to their radiance, and overcome their mental, emotional, social, familial and spiritual challenges.

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