Episode 16// Becoming A Personal Trainer with Amy Christiansen.

Anyone can become a personal trainer, not everyone can do it well.

Amy Christiansen is a high energy being and someone whom I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring and teaching in her personal training studies.

She is one of our coaches at Mind & Body Performance Newcastle and today she's sharing her story with you on her decision to pursue personal training and what it means to become a personal trainer in 2020.

This episode is much anticipated by our MindBody members and it’s also a beautiful conversation between two human beings with a passion for contributing their gifts.

If you’re a personal trainer or have a big desire to become one, this episode will surely offer you some tips and insight to what it really takes to pursue a career in coaching as well as some of the obstacles and challenges that may come with that.


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Amy is a high energy human being with a passion for helping women reach their health & fitness goals.

Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, nurture and empower women to overcome their challenges and reach new heights mentally and physically.

Amy is a personal trainer at Mind & Body Performance Newcastle.


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