Episode 13// Body Autonomy with Bonnie Gibbs.

Have you ever felt that undesirable need to WEE MID-WORKOUT!?

In today’s episode, you’ll meet the exquisite Bonnie Gibbs, physiotherapist and fellow Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Bonnie is ‘pro’ body autonomy and is passionate about offering her clients an experience that leaves them firm in their power.

Bonnie and I take you deep into the realms of movement autonomy (for women) and cover;

  • Common challenges and barriers women face in the lifting and movement space including pelvic floor, confidence, pain and injury.

  • What a well-designed physiotherapy program should look like and what to do if your injury or pain is not healing or producing results.

  • What to do about ongoing injuries that feel helpless and limiting.

  • The way coaches can approach pain and injury that is more helpful than harmful for their clients.

  • Common myths around lifting weights and training in the gym.

  • Benefits of working with a physio and/or coach as a short-term investment to create long-term healthy movement and training habits.

Bonnie & I would love to hear from you!

What is one challenge you are facing with your movement, training or performance?


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Bonnie is a physiotherapist and fellow Strength & Conditioning Coach with a passion for pain science and helping women create autonomy over their body.

"75% Dutch, 25% English and 100% Viking", this gorgeous being is pro-movement, loves to lift heavy and is always up for an adventure.

She's the physio you want in your corner when coming back from an injury or experiencing pain.


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