Episode 1// My Anxiety Story.

If you’ve ever felt the crippling effects of anxiety, then this one is for you.

In our very first episode, I’ll be unravelling the birthplace of my anxiety while simultaneously providing you with the context to who I am and the obstacles I’ve overcome to create the most exquisite life, businesses, relationships and online women's community .

You’ll hear about my catalysts for change and how that change was absolutely necessary to overcome my anxiety, and I generously share the tools and teachings to support you in doing the same.

This episode is a fine reminder that if somebody knows how to do something, that means, with sufficient effort, you can probably learn it too, and everything I’m about to share with you is learnable.

If you resonate with my story, please share yours with me over on the gram.


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Ellen combines personal development, healing, and physical performance as a coach and athlete through her online program Heal Her and inside her women’s performance facility located in Newcastle Australia. Her work and story speak volumes to her capacity to support, lead and lift women to reconnect to their radiance, and overcome their mental, emotional, social, familial and spiritual challenges.

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