20 Books That Changed My Life (A Manifesto).

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Herein lies a living, breathing manifesto of the books that undoubtedly changed my life, and will most likely change yours too...

Before you pick up what I’ve put down, my friend, please ask yourself - how does this book inspire me? How does this book apply to me in the context of me and my life right now in this moment?

When I first began reading transformational books, I admit that I did so from a place of lack. My original book-purchasing strategy was quite enmeshed in feelings of scarcity and not knowing enough, and wanting to get there (wherever they were). I believed that books held a mystical power that would fix what was broken, and if I could just read the same words the people I revered were reading, then I would be better, more, somehow.

I see you and I sense your eagerness to learn things from the pages of the books presented before you, by those who inspire you too. I think it’s absolutely stunning that you’re here, wide-eyed and curious.

As most of you know, my entire 'mission' is to be the person I once needed. And if I had to word out one piece of wisdom for you to hear before purchasing a book, it would be this;

You already know enough. You are already wise, intelligent and experienced in the body of work that is you.

And if you move from this delicious place of knowingness and already enough-ness, the words in each book you read from here on out may offer you experiences that amplify this for you.

So before you pick up what I’ve put down, ask yourself - is this really for me? And if you hear yourself present expectation, trust your no. Move along and make space for what is a hell yeah for you.

For right now, this transformational book series is a living post. My commitment to you is to add a book to the list below as I revisit each of the awe-inspiring chapters that changed the direction of my life, thinking, emotions, spirit and overall BEing.

20 Books That Changed My Life, and will probably change yours too...

  1. The very first personal development book I ever read.

  2. Dr John F. Demartini Book Collection


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