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{LIVE} 10-Day Virtual Immersion

with Ellen Travassaros

Thursday 19th - Saturday 28th th May 2022

Incandescence welcomes you...

This is a beautifully crafted 10-day immersion where you and desire lock hands and summon the sovereign woman required to initiate your legacy.

Over 10 days we'll explore the aspects of invention, miracles, exposure, unshakability, visibility and devotion, via 5 exquisite transmissions laced with invitation, durability and poise.

Together, we will revive what's been dying to move through you, and call forward your genius, inspiration and availability - all key components to curating big things.

"The glow of a fire is known as Incandescence... White, glowing, or luminous with intense heat."


Luminous with intense heat...

These are the energetics that will accompany you as we journey through our 10-day experience.


To the women here who desire so much more, Incandescence awaits your arrival.

To walk as a woman in her desires...

 A woman in her desires is a woman available to what's alive within. 

She understands that what pulses through her is meant for her, even if she can't articulate how she knows. 

She doesn't bargain with her desires by way of exchange (I'll only do this if I get that or, I'll only do this if I can be certain first).

She is available to the purity and richness of her desire without any apology.

What she has, is what she wants all humans to have.

Her sovereignty contains her spirit, and she doesn't need something *out there* to happen or change, before she can move. 

She is available to going new places.


She understands that no place new is an unnatural state for the human.

She flows with the flux of her desires and marvels at the way they morph and inform her of what's next.

What she knows, is not what they know, and that's why they bow down to her in reverence.


To walk as a woman in her desires is to walk as a new kind of woman.


Stalling, second-guessing and watching from the sidelines is who she was.

Moving, decisiveness and celebration are what she is now.



She is... desire in motion.


You in your genius.

This is what I see for you, dear one.


And as your desires begin to take form, a beautiful repertoire of allies to draw from as you lean in, wobble and initiate yourself precisely. 

The type of availability that feeds and replenishes your rock-solidness, so that you may endure that which must be endured (for the sake of your desires)... You were made for this.

Good riddance to the enrolment of *them* into your vision for the sake of their recognition. Beyond this you are destined.

You, in complete and utter adoration for the sovereign woman you've summoned. A vast amount of space she now occupies.

I see you in the heavenly free-fall of your desires, laced in bliss, elevation and durability. 

Freedom to pursue all that is alive within, heart at the helm. What a delicious voice she speaks.

The illumination of that which clouds your visibility and softens your follow-through... It is here that new standards will emerge.

I desire to show you something truly beautiful...


You in your Incandescence.


You In Your Genius.

Incandescence with

Ellen Travassaros


The Practical

Friday 20th - Saturday 28th May 2022

~10 Days
~5 Distilled 90 Minute LIVE Zoom Masterclass Transmissions.

~Online Incandescence *home* for replays.

~Access to the entirety of the immersion for 4-weeks following our final call.

Call #1 - Friday 20th May

​~ Invention: Giving Desire A Voice + The Miracle Frequency


Call #2 - Monday 23rd May

​~ Exposure: Emotional Mapping + The Well-Regulated Woman


Call #3 - Tuesday 24th May

​~ Unshakability: Summoning The Sovereign Woman


Call #4 - Thursday 26th May

​~ Visibility: The Vision Holder + New Age Leadership


Call #5 - Friday 27th May

~ Devotion: Ushering In Desire + Q&A

All calls will be recorded and stored in your Incandescence online portal for 4-weeks.


Call times will be established prior to Call #1 and will vary from 6:30am to 2pm.


Calls are generously spaced for the integration & application of the lessons.

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1 x Payment of $199
(no payment plan options available)