Heal Her

Season III ~ Coming Home

A stunning deliverance of your most revered self.

Welcome to Heal Her,


Where worlds of deep contemplation, coming home & refinement await.

She is reclamation laced with personal power, self-advocacy & wild expansion.

A truly timeless, untapped commodity that sees the divine adult breakthrough & delight in her innate radiance, potency & graciousness. 

A meeting place for remembrance, reinvention, and emerging anew.

Her very essence a reminder that you are the medicine.

This is the voyage of Heal Her.




Season 3


Heal Her is a 9-month online group mentoring capsule for women who desire the space to contemplate & rediscover the moving parts of all that makes them, them.

What she offers is truly timeless, untapped & deeply moving, and you can expect to call upon her time again and delight in the ways she walks you home to your heart, spirit, and (truer) truth. 


Her primary transmission is: You Are The Medicine. 

And she is especially colourful, generous & breathtaking in her deliverance.

While she combines multiple modalities of coming home, she is ultimately self-mastery laced with intellectual & spiritual contemplation & teachings, heart-to-heart gatherings, ceremony, and body-work experiences which, combined, unveil the path for deep reclamation & remembrance (of personal power (medicine)). 

For the women who are already moved by their capacity to stretch and expand, and for the women who are seeking to indulge such natural curiosities, Heal Her will simply give more space to your process, to you. 

She will invite you to reimagine time (past, present & future), thought, emotion, pain, suffering, desire, potential, energy, rhythm, purpose, limitation & who and what you truly are. This is her greatest gift. 

Growth, expansion & refinement, the natural byproducts of tapping into such exquisite alignment & self-knowing.

You're invited to walk through these pages and attune to her rhythm.


Let every word land so you may begin to reach for a deeper place within that is unphased by details, and instead, lit up by pure potential. 

The vision Heal Her holds for you is exactly this. 

Lightworkers, healers, creatives, energy workers, therapists, psychologists (who desire to become EMBODIED), mothers, teachers, role models, wild women, and students of the universe - this experience is especially devoted to you. 


Hi there...

Welcome, beautiful soul. 

It's such an honour to receive you here. My name is Ellen, and I'll be walking with you on this decadent path of coming home. 

I have belly flutters as I type this.

But it's from the deepest place in my heart that I'd like to begin.

I often find myself enchanted by the way I respond to life, and in these moments I am reminded of the subtlety and spaciousness that resides within my head, heart and body. A spaciousness that was once overwhelmed by low vibrational thoughts, feelings and conditions that often felt equal parts unnatural and commonplace. 

My own journey, so deeply wild & profound, began with a desire just like this - to access such spaciousness, to have space & clarity of mind. To elicit a thought of my own and become a clear channel for inspiration and love to beam in. To honour all parts of me so I may settle in the softness of being a whole human, liberated from that which stifles my capacity to integrate my shadows & enjoy my gifts (fully).


It has been a very fickle yet natural soul contract to accept.


There's much that I've come to know, and it is the greatest honour of my life to now light a path for you.

With a hand on my heart, thank you for that. 


If you're here, I sense there is more to you than meets the eye. You desire a shift in the way your being experiences life and all her shapes & edges - and I concur that Heal Her is a portal for such shape-shifting. 


It's a very natural impulse to seek evolution. And yet we're wired to protect ourselves from that which may endanger the resources from which we acquire love & belonging. It's paradoxical, isn't it? Given that our growth requires us to transmute such primitive states in order to soften & synthesise into so so much more...

And this so so much more is the graceful promise of Heal Her. 


Whether a catalyst brought you here or some grand intuitive knowing, I applaud you for trusting the timing of your arrival. This is exactly what Heal Her is about, and you're already doing it.

I invite you to imagine for a moment the potential, possibility, liberation, and impact of living even a fraction more true, open, connected, aligned, refined, deliberate, savage and complete within your heart. 

Channel that vision inward, my love. 

And prepare for its emergence. 

If Heal Her speaks to you in a way that is resonant & undeniable, I trust that you will walk towards her with absolute reverence. For she has not found you by accident.


I truly understand what it takes to honour the process of aligning with new mentorship & direction, and should we land in this incredible space together, it is my promise to you to honour such an undertaking. You will not be received lightly or unnoticed - and I'm excited like you wouldn't believe to witness you rise.  


El xo


Uninterrupted healing is somewhat forgotten art.


To simply honour another human as they move through their experience without expectation or urgency (no matter how well-intended), is a tremendously generous & powerful gift.


The opportunity to walk yourself home over and over is in and of itself, the practice of personal power - medicine brewing, reclamation on a roll... 


And so the truest gift I will offer you throughout your Heal Her experience is exactly this; The gift of an uninterrupted experience - the gift of graciousness. 


The opportunity to be as you are in each moment, experiencing yourself old and new - gosh, it's a breathtaking contemplation, don't you think?

My vision for you is not one of change, fixing, alteration or contortion. And it's certainly not one of defining you or your experience. I sense you know this already, though.


What I envision for you is a subtlety - an exquisite rhythm anchored into the micro crevices of your world where each tether is wired for the ease and flow of you being more you... You being the medicine. 

Heal Her is truly about reconditioning how you experience yourself and the people you share your life with. You're going to play an extraordinary role in walking yourself home, and in walking the women of Heal Her home, too. 

It's true that Heal Her is a space where your most primitive attributes, thoughts, and behaviours will arise, and therein lies that pure potentiality I've been riffing on about. But...

You must be allowed to heal to your own rhythm, and with grace. 

So please know this, I have no expectations of you. And you will not be graded on your Heal Her work. Lean into that, my friend. For it is truly worth its weight in gold. 

The Heal Her community in and of itself is bolstered with this grace and rhythm that I speak of. The afterglow of communion with like-minded sisters is truly the nucleus of her service. 



The Field We're Going To Cultivate...

Rich, lush, deliberate, contemplative...


A truly breathtaking gift of Heal Her extends far beyond details, and into the rich opportunities to reconnect, rediscover and refine yourself in each new season of your experience. That is, tapping into the truer, more innate medicine of your spirit, intuition and conscious self.


  • The field you're going to cultivate will especially tend to the tethers that have become disconnected, frayed, disowned and distorted along your life path... 

  • Cutting ties to the visible and invisible patterns of trauma, emotional dysregulation, psychological and energetic limitation, and mental & somatic conditioning that has been modelled and passed down onto you. The removal of such dysfunction, dysregulation & disorientation is what lights the way for coming home

It is from this unconditional place of home, where spaciousness emerges, magic happens, miracles are expected, and better questions are asked & contemplated. 

For you to forge such a path, a field of receptivity and potent discernment is required. This is the field we are going to cultivate.


A field where distortion, confusion & low vibrational states are seen as natural occurrences humming with opportunity and potential for integration and wholeness. A personal reality so enchanting and unphased by old stories, that progress is possible. 

A field where your endurance & capacity for holding the big & heavy is palatable. Where trusting yourself to soften into all of the moving parts of your life, including the parts that make you, you - is revered

Such a field holds enormous reprieve for the wounds of repression, denial, shame, rejection, guilt and separation/indifference and their corresponding yearnings & expressions.

Imagine that within each season you find yourself traversing, a more resilient and subtle energy flows within you. And seemingly out of nowhere, you are delightfully taken aback by the way you're responding to your life. 

To your heart, this feels like bliss. To your being, it feels like home

The Heal Her Portal

Pull up a seat, my friend. This passage reveals the exact rhythm of Heal Her and what she's here to offer you.


Heal Her is a group mentoring program facilitated completely online via her very own 'Thinkific' residence. Everything you need is housed inside this space, including your course content, resources, lesson vaults & zoom links. 


Opening Ceremony 

The opening ceremony for this season of Heal Her is Tuesday 1st March 2022. 

Closing Ceremony 

The closing ceremony for this season of Heal Her will occur in November of 2022. 

Online Gatherings

Each month we will gather twice. Once for an expansive, contemplative experience, and once for our group mentoring call where we unpack your experience and hold space for your becoming. Both calls a ceremonial in nature and like medicine for your soul.  A calendar outlining call dates & times is provided upon enrolment. 


Expansion Mastermind via Zoom.

This is where knowledge becomes applied knowledge. Something worth remembering is that words do not teach, experience does. The best way to become the woman you seek is to practice being her. This is the space for that. 

Your questions will be answered here along with any practical application of the tools you're tapping into.


Group Mentoring via Zoom.
This is your time to lean into the coaching opportunities with me that I've made available to you so you may keep weaving the threads of your liberation, wholeness, momentum and progress. 


This is live mentoring and as close to 1 on 1 coaching as you'll receive throughout Heal Her. I encourage you to contemplate the rooms you wish to sit in and the conversations you desire to be a part of in the future - as these sessions will be nothing short of powerful women reclaiming, exploring and going there. I know this is why you're here even if you haven't yet gone there yourself, yet.  

Online Calls Summary:

  • All of our Heal Her calls will occur via Zoom and the links to access them are found in your online Heal Her portal.

  • All Expansion Call replays will be made available to you within 48 hours via the Heal Her portal. 

  • Our Group Mentoring Calls are not recorded or shared. 

  • All times are in AEST (Sydney, NSW, Australia time).  

  • All call dates & times can be found via the google calendar in your Heal Her portal. 

  • Call times will vary. We currently have 10:30AM & 7:30PM AEST as potential options. 

Heal Her Private Instagram:

Our closed Heal Her Instagram page serves as a space to bring us together human-to-human. Potent transmissions will land in this space often, offering further opportunities to layer in, refine, reflect, integrate & contemplate your experience. This space is an opportunity to save and come back to that which feels resonant and important to you. 

You will be invited to join this beautiful space upon enrolment. 

The 6 Foundations of Heal Her

Heal Her is founded upon 6 foundational worlds; Coming Home, Mind, Emotional, Rhythmic, Heart & Somatic Intelligence. Each of these worlds contains timeless, untapped & deeply moving lessons & experiences that will consistently walk you back to who and what you truly are (an innate being capable of more than she may fathom). 

Each of these foundational worlds will reveal to you the intellectual teachings, somatic practices, ingredients and contemplations that allow you to enrich, reimagine and emerge fully in your wholeness.


1 ~ Coming Home

  • Rediscovery, personal power, self-responsibility, how you see yourself, how you see the world, filters, what is within your control, meeting your shadow self, personal values, boundaries, needs and personal reality. 

2 ~ Mind Medicine

  • Mindfulness, self-awareness, choice, focus, attention, intention, thought-work, the shadow aspects of mind medicine, right relationship with your inner critic & inner saboteur, meditation, coherence, thoughts as words and contracts with the universe, reflection, cognitive reframing & neurolinguistics.

3 ~ Emotional Medicine

  • Trauma body, survival responses, nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence, fear, shame, anger, emotions in the shadow, emotional regulation, staying, anchors, breath, progressing through emotional states, emotional mastery as personal power, self-responsibility for emotional energy & experiences, breath. 

4 ~ Rhythmic Medicine

  • Right relationship with time, meeting life in all her shapes & variations, adaptation, avoidance, resistance, control, surrender, acceptance, allowance, personal power in where you are, and the shadow aspects of rhythmic medicine. 

5 ~ Heart Medicine

  • Right relationship with receiving, opening, relaxing, desire, expression, contraction, vulnerability, feminine energy, authenticity, and shadow aspects of heart medicine. 

6 ~ Somatic Medicine

  • Right relationship with body alignment, attunement, senses, bodily rhythms, body connection, expression, creative expression, decision making, identifying emotions,  somatic experiences, triggers, wounds, kinaesthetic, and the shadow aspects of somatic medicine. 


~ Resources Vault

  • A sacred space containing all of your Heal Her resources, playlists, reflection questions, journal prompts, guided meditations, tools, practices, and our shared Audible App comprising 30+ books for your soul to immerse in at your own leisure. 

~ BONUS Lesson Vault

  • The Heal Her lesson vault comprises every single audio training recorded throughout the history of Heal Her. Each year as I refine myself and therefore Heal Her, the trainings become richer, more refined and layered in. Every lesson still runs true and is potent with wisdom and magic that will only solidify what you're already learning, perhaps with different examples and contexts to pull from. 

~ Additional Bonuses & Surprises

  • With each new season of Heal Her there is always something fresh that I desire to bring to the program. Something that will truly serve and delight her students. It won't be until her doors officially open that I will receive the transmission to create. I sense this year there may be leadership, energetics, human design and conscious women in business...Only time will tell. 

It is through clear mental understanding and gentle emotional process of self-forgiveness & grace, that the very patterns that cause so much pain may lead us directly to our liberation -


To walk the way of the heart. 


Sometimes the heart may break as a result of clearing such debris, but this breaking is your exact initiation into the afterglow of coming home - it is necessary, normal and nothing short of exquisite. 

To the wild women...

To the women here on these pages...

As a student of your heart, and to the universe, and as a student to possibility & remembrance...


To the lightworkers, healers, creatives, energy workers, therapists, psychologists (who desire to become embodied), mothers, teachers, role models, wild women...

To the women lifting the lid, clearing mental & emotional debris, walking more deliberately, reclaiming personal power, igniting choice, thought, emotional responsibility & attuning to their vibrational frequencies, rhythms, and more natural states...

For the women between floors, adrift, searching for a way up from states of non-progress...


For the women with a desire to understand & articulate themselves powerfully...

For the women in preparation to make their greatest leap to freedom & self-agency...

For the women with tools and practices who know there is further initiation for their spirit, one that is less reliant & effort...

For the women refining, deepening, integrating, and invoking subtlety in the micro crevices of their experience...

For the women searching out there...

For the women clearing the debris of dysfunction, dysregulation & disorientation, and discovering themselves once more...


For the women attuned to the frequency of anxiety, depression, doubt, shame, resistance & fear... 

For the women desiring a fortified articulation of their truth that transcends imitation...


For the women who want to be in the room... 


I call to you.

Your time is now. My gosh, is it now.


The reimagination of your emotions, pain, struggle, indifference, search, money, desire, potential, limitation, purpose, fear, denial, shame, repression, thoughts - who and what you truly are... is yours for the taking. 

This 9-month capsule will not distract you from the bigness of your dreams & desires. Nor will it take from you in a way that feels anything short of divine & nourishing. It will create space for more of it.


The community you will sit with will make way for an experience so deeply anchored in reverence & sovereignty. Your light will form a big part of that, and you are needed (more than you know).

What is required of you...

Some of the attributes that are required from you, no matter how new & light, before stepping into the Heal Her portal, include...


  • Inquisitive

  • Open-mindedness

  • A little savagery

  • Growth as a choice

  • Vulnerability 

  • Curiosity

  • Willingness

  • Graciousness

  • Subtlety

  • Endurance

My final invitation to you is to zoom out far and wide so you may reach for that place that offers a more quiet undercurrent, an intuitive gesture that is not muffled or distorted by the mind and story. 

And from the mightiness of your heart, leap. 



Your exploration starts here.

Please select a payment method that aligns with you.

You will be redirected upon payment completion where further instructions await.

Early Adopters & Return Students
(until Monday February 14th)

$3,393 AUD Payment In Full

Standard Payment Plan*

9 x Monthly Payments of $444 AUD

Extended Payment Plan* 

15 x Monthly Payments of $299 AUD

Note: All Prices in AUD

*1 upfront payment upon registration, followed by recurring payments to be deducted in consecutive months.

Total cost of 9-month payment plan is $3,996 AUD (inclusive of administration & recurring processing fees).
Total cost of 15-month payment plan is $4,485 AUD (inclusive of administration & recurring processing fees).

Hannah Image_edited.jpg

" Hannah

I've been on a journey of self-discovery for a period of time but Heal Her truly changed the way I look at and treat myself. It allowed me to feel truly empowered while I transform and move toward what I truly desire.


I have become a woman who knows her worth, values her authenticity & trusts in her intuition. This alone has taught me how fucking powerful I am when I take responsibility for who & what I want in my life. 

Heal Her & its beautiful 'tribe' of like-minded women has provided so much support in allowing me to be vulnerable, work through challenges, feel and share emotions & experiences, and unlock who I truly am. 


It has given me the power to use my voice, the courage to set boundaries, and the peace to breathe & simply be more present. I am limitless. 


There is so much magic to be experienced and I most definitely recommend this journey to any woman. 


Ellen, you created the most beautiful space for me to share, learn, grow & become the goddess that I truly am. Thank you. 


" Tash

Working with Ellen is by far the best thing I have ever invested in.


I now reclaim my power & recognise shameful unhealthy thought patterns and really show compassion for them with getting stuck in that rut.


I learnt about intuition and when my body is telling me to be curious about something.


I can now put myself first and I have way more love for all the people around me by doing so. 


I now believe and know that I deserve to have the happiness, healthy relationships, a career I want, & financial freedom. 


Working with Ellen is truly life-changing.


" Ellen

Working with Ellen has been incredible.

There is no judgement or expectations only support and a beautiful insight into finding your strengths and resolving internal and external conflicts. 

The emotional work was incredible, being able to actually identify what I was feeling and learning how to express myself in a way I was comfortable with. 

I cannot recommend working with Ellen more, beautifully life-changing.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 14_edited.jpg


Working with El has helped me to really listen to my inner voice and use it when needed. Before working with El, I was always questioning myself or looking for answers externally or outside of myself. I now know, more than ever before, deep within myself, that EVERYTHING is always happening for me.

Tracy Image_edited_edited_edited.jpg


It’s hard to put into words the magic El creates. Since I started working with her, I have softened into myself in a way I never have before. Ellen has a beautiful gentle way of teaching and bringing you back to yourself. She led me deeper into myself to bring the forgotten parts of myself into the light. I also loved El's Heal Her programme and I love our 1:1 coaching. Since working with her I am so aware of how I respond to myself, what I whisper to myself, how I view myself and my interactions with the world. I have changed how I nurture and motivate myself. I feel very grateful to have met her and to be sharing her wisdom. Ellen is so deeply aligned with her values and her souls calling, it’s inspiring to witness and to work with her.



I will be eternally greatful that my journey in life crossed with El's. Ellen is a unique insightful, compassionate and uplifting soul who has guided me and supported me like no other could.  She has never told me what I should do or how I should do things. She has this uncanny ability to question my thoughts in order for me to make my own decisions. She has helped to heal pain from the past, guided me to experience the joys of fueling my body with wholesome foods, pushed me physically and made me realise that anything is possible! No matter how many times I fall down  she is there, no judgement. There is no one word that can encompass “who” Ellen is. The closest I can say is “pure magic”. Ellen grounds me. Inspires me. Lifts me up. Fills me with strength and optimism. She is a gift.

Camille Image_edited.jpg


I knew before working with Ellen, that I wanted to leave my full-time job which I'd been saying to my friends for years I was going to do before turning 50. And I did it! While working with Ellen it become more apparent to me how unhappy I was in a few areas of my life. I have learned to listen to my heart and be kinder to myself. I am less worried about what other's think and I am so happy to have changed my work-life balance. I found working with Ellen very challenging and would dread the first few calls because I knew that she would ask what I perceived to be 'hard questions'. Over time it became easier and it has been such a beautiful way to explore and learn about myself. I've learned about so many different sides of myself and more importantly, what I'm truly capable of.