Heal Her


An exclusive closed group personalised coaching portal.

6-Month Personalised Group Mentoring Portal

Exclusive to 10 Women

Length: 6 Months

Start: 1st March 2022


- 2 x 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (Value $1,500)

- 6-Months of personalised WhatsApp Support (Value $3,000)

- A minimum of 12 x Group Coaching Calls (2 x per month) (Value $5,000)

- 6-Months access to the Heal Her Online Student Portal + Lesson Vaults + Resources (Value $2,500)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,000


$2,500 if paid in full or $2,700 on a payment plan. 


NOTE - This program replaces Heal Her 3.0

Your Investment

Heal Her *RENEWED* is accessed via application only. 

Payment In Full

$2,500 AUD

Payment Plan 

$2,700 AUD 

Payment Plan Options

*1 upfront payment upon registration, followed by recurring payments to be deducted in consecutive months.

Payment Plan 1 - 3 x Payments of $900

Payment Plan 2 - 6 x Payments of $450

Payment Plan 3 - 9 x Payments of $300

*Extended Plans available upon request (12 x Payments of $225)*

All Prices are in AUD.

Hannah Image_edited.jpg

" Hannah

I've been on a journey of self-discovery for a period of time but Heal Her truly changed the way I look at and treat myself. It allowed me to feel truly empowered while I transform and move toward what I truly desire.


I have become a woman who knows her worth, values her authenticity & trusts in her intuition. This alone has taught me how fucking powerful I am when I take responsibility for who & what I want in my life. 

Heal Her & its beautiful 'tribe' of like-minded women has provided so much support in allowing me to be vulnerable, work through challenges, feel and share emotions & experiences, and unlock who I truly am. 


It has given me the power to use my voice, the courage to set boundaries, and the peace to breathe & simply be more present. I am limitless. 


There is so much magic to be experienced and I most definitely recommend this journey to any woman. 


Ellen, you created the most beautiful space for me to share, learn, grow & become the goddess that I truly am. Thank you. 


" Tash

Working with Ellen is by far the best thing I have ever invested in.


I now reclaim my power & recognise shameful unhealthy thought patterns and really show compassion for them with getting stuck in that rut.


I learnt about intuition and when my body is telling me to be curious about something.


I can now put myself first and I have way more love for all the people around me by doing so. 


I now believe and know that I deserve to have the happiness, healthy relationships, a career I want, & financial freedom. 


Working with Ellen is truly life-changing.


" Ellen

Working with Ellen has been incredible.

There is no judgement or expectations only support and a beautiful insight into finding your strengths and resolving internal and external conflicts. 

The emotional work was incredible, being able to actually identify what I was feeling and learning how to express myself in a way I was comfortable with. 

I cannot recommend working with Ellen more, beautifully life-changing.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 14_edited.jpg


Working with El has helped me to really listen to my inner voice and use it when needed. Before working with El, I was always questioning myself or looking for answers externally or outside of myself. I now know, more than ever before, deep within myself, that EVERYTHING is always happening for me.

Tracy Image_edited_edited_edited.jpg


It’s hard to put into words the magic El creates. Since I started working with her, I have softened into myself in a way I never have before. Ellen has a beautiful gentle way of teaching and bringing you back to yourself. She led me deeper into myself to bring the forgotten parts of myself into the light. I also loved El's Heal Her programme and I love our 1:1 coaching. Since working with her I am so aware of how I respond to myself, what I whisper to myself, how I view myself and my interactions with the world. I have changed how I nurture and motivate myself. I feel very grateful to have met her and to be sharing her wisdom. Ellen is so deeply aligned with her values and her souls calling, it’s inspiring to witness and to work with her.



I will be eternally greatful that my journey in life crossed with El's. Ellen is a unique insightful, compassionate and uplifting soul who has guided me and supported me like no other could.  She has never told me what I should do or how I should do things. She has this uncanny ability to question my thoughts in order for me to make my own decisions. She has helped to heal pain from the past, guided me to experience the joys of fueling my body with wholesome foods, pushed me physically and made me realise that anything is possible! No matter how many times I fall down  she is there, no judgement. There is no one word that can encompass “who” Ellen is. The closest I can say is “pure magic”. Ellen grounds me. Inspires me. Lifts me up. Fills me with strength and optimism. She is a gift.

Camille Image_edited.jpg


I knew before working with Ellen, that I wanted to leave my full-time job which I'd been saying to my friends for years I was going to do before turning 50. And I did it! While working with Ellen it become more apparent to me how unhappy I was in a few areas of my life. I have learned to listen to my heart and be kinder to myself. I am less worried about what other's think and I am so happy to have changed my work-life balance. I found working with Ellen very challenging and would dread the first few calls because I knew that she would ask what I perceived to be 'hard questions'. Over time it became easier and it has been such a beautiful way to explore and learn about myself. I've learned about so many different sides of myself and more importantly, what I'm truly capable of.