Heal Her

my signature 9-month program

of radical self-reclamation &

self-administered healing.

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Dates for my next Heal Her program will be released early 2021. 

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women's self-healing coven

9 months of online healing, growth and radical self-reclamation


more than ever,

we are feeling called to reclaim our truth,

stand in our power and reignite the woman beneath the layers

of shame, blame and guilt.

This is that time and Heal Her is your resource.

Discover if Heal Her is for you on your next morning walk or trip in the car.

The audio below will give you great insight.

Cue headphones...

I just can't help it..

Imagine entering a time in your life where decisions are stupidly easy, joy is a space from which you live and radiate, and all the dreams, ideas and creations, including the ways you want to feel, exist.

No matter where I turn, another sign! Calling me to this work. A new client, email, opportunity, text, phone call that deadset calls for a skill-set that is so uniquely mine.

I'm telling you, this is work the stars asked me to do.

If you feel the pull to work alongside me in an unconditional capacity, I have no doubt in my mind that we were meant to find each other.


I can't wait to meet you.

el x

My desire is to help you harness all that you already are.

This is for you if..

You resonate with the energy of excuse, stuck, perfectionism and not-good-enough.

Anxiety, depression and self-punishment are prevalent experiences for you.

You're exhausted. 


There's never enough money or time. 

You worry more than you'd like, especially about circumstances out of your control such as what others think of you.

You know deep down life could be 'different' but you're unsure how to begin.

You're eager to upgrade your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy. 

You feel the pull to work with me and you feel ready now, more than ever, to give us both the opportunity to rebirth.

You have access to the internet. 

A soul-expansive journey like you wouldn't believe.

Heal Her

Program Details

My next intake starts Sunday 1st November 2020 and runs through to July 31st 2021.


An intimate 9-month program dedicated to 10 women seeking to access their exquisite power.  

If you've heard my story (episode 1 on the podcast), you'll know I've overcome a lot. Anxiety, perfectionism, panic attacks, saying yes when I mean no, and saying no when I mean yes. I mean, the list is quite extensive (and as equally wonderful). 

I've really learned to trust life so implicitly while following my joy and standing up for what I believe in with an open heart.

Heal Her is a compilation of the ways, teachings, and practices that rebirthed the woman I am today.

What's Included:

Heal Her is completed online.


You will need a Zoom, Facebook & WhatsApp account to truly soak up all that she offers. Each of these platforms has a specific and unique purpose (as outlined below).

What's included:


  • 1 x Monthly Coaching Call (Zoom)
    Embodiment practices, teachings, unpacking your questions & realisation, self-reflection & more.
    Bonus calls are offered whenever the group feels they could use more support.

  • My inbox (WhatsApp)
    I'm with you and beside you every step of the way. I'm here to hold space for you and help you move through all of it. You may use me as your way of processing, unpacking and figuring it all out.

  • Weekly Guided Meditations & Themes (Facebook LIVE)
    Our Heal Her Facebook Group is dedicated to supporting you in your learning through unpacking additional teachings, ideas, practices and work that my audio trainings don't cover. What I share in our Facebook Group is more specific to the women undertaking the journey. It's forever changing. 

  • Audio Trainings
    These audio's are the golden nuggets (so powerful!) of Heal Her. I bring to you healing frameworks that teach you in great depth, how to reclaim your power. I offer thought-provoking questions and homework to help you take yourself deeper into your process.  

  • Integration Periods
    These are allocated time-spaces dedicated to giving you the space to integrate what you're learning, uncovering and embodying. This time is so nourishing and supportive as space creates the container we need to process. 

The Journey

What I teach and what we explore is always unique to the women devoted to their Heal Journey.

A consistent set of teachings I share include;

  • Emotional Intimacy
    What are emotions, how to relate to and work with them including healthy expression and toxic expression (what we turn emotion into). 

  • Reclaiming Wholeness (Shadow Work)
    This is about tapping into who we are, including the parts we deny, reject and disown, which often create immense suffering for us in our lives. Shadow work is a comprehensive and BIG part of our work. Wee unpack identifying our shadows, reclaiming and integrating our shadows, and moving towards wholeness. 

  • Expanding Conscious Awareness
    Unpacking what we believe and ultimately seeing our limitations for what they are. This helps us harness a critical and thought-provoking relationship with our thoughts while creating space for more truth and limitlessness.

  • Raising Your Vibe
    This is about becoming a vibrational match for that which you seek to have, be, hold or create for yourself. In this framework, we often speak on money, relationships, careers and entrepreneurship. 

How this often plays out...

This journey invites all of you and all of your experience. This means that despite any expectations you may have, there is no way of knowing how this will play out for you until it's playing out for you. 

A requirement of you is to dance with surrender and open your heart to all of it. Every inch of your journey. 

My deepest hope for you is;

  • Rewiring Your Nervous System 
    Rewiring your nervous system to stay with the discomfort of your emotions. This relates deeply to your environments and more specifically, the unfamiliar and unquestioned. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt to name a few.

  • Cultivating Safety Within
    This is a byproduct of learning to stay with all of it. From this place, you begin to truly tap into whom you are without having to work so hard to prove, elevate or validate yourself. A sense of peace and open-heartedness is often felt as a result of feeling safe within your discomfort.

  • The Seemingly Insignificant
    Becoming unconsciously competent in setting and honouring your boundaries, learning when to say yes and when to say no, celebrating yourself, expressing your feelings openly, accessing more intuition and trust within, becoming a master of your time and space, bringing your dreams into reality, and recognising, moving through and celebrating your death and rebirth cycles. And so much more.


Join the 2021 waitlist...

Heal Her is accessed by application only. Your application does not commit you to the program or secure your place. It simply allows me to feel and appreciate you.


Join the waitlist below to ensure you don't miss out! Limited places.

Sending you the strength to stand in your heart, always.

Ellen x

Your Investment

9 months of cultivating coherence; mind, body & spirit.

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