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Upcoming Retreat Details

3 Nights, 4 Days
Monday 24th - Thursday 27th October 2022

Location: Yanada, St Albans NSW
(Approx. 3 Hour Drive South of Newcastle or 1.5 Hour Drive from The Central Coast)

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3 nights, 4 days...

There is a space underneath the


When I work with women it is my hearts desire to journey deep and reclaim the pieces that mask life force and wholeness.

It is here in these sacred spaces where the master, student and higher self emerge.

This retreat is a sanctuary of divine masculine 

Prepare for an entirely new experience.

El xo

Your Facilitator

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Multi-Modality Mentor | Healer | Holistic Health


My deepest desire is to show you something truly beautiful...

A place where everything else takes a back seat as you soak in the truth of your innate essence.

The more formal parts of my qualifications include;

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer.

The Practical

~5 Distilled 90 Minute LIVE Zoom Masterclass Replay Transmissions.

~Online Incandescence *home* for easy navigation.

~Access to the entirety of Incandescence for 2-months following your purchase.

Lesson #1

​~ Invention: Giving Desire A Voice + The Miracle Frequency
Resilience practices; Vocal codes & activation of pure potentiality. 


Lesson #2

​~ Exposure: Emotional Mapping + The Well-Regulated Woman
The highest ideal of human emotion; 7 primary human emotions; Feeling versus emotions; The highest ideal of self-sabotage; Sensation & Exposure Practices.


Lesson #3

​~ Unshakability: Summoning The Sovereign Woman
Values of the sovereign woman; Walking as a sovereign woman; Throat Chakra (using your voice, truth and radical honesty).


Lesson #4

​~ Visibility: The Vision Holder + New Age Leadership

The highest ideal of leadership; Wounded Masculine & Feminine attributes; Your voice & vision as a leader; Sacral Chakra (control + perfection); Qualifications & Titles.

Lesson #5

~ Devotion: Ushering In Desire + Q&A

This call commemorates our time together in Incandescence. 

We celebrate and I answer all of your incredible questions and officially close the space. 


~ Life-Force Activated Masterclass Replay

A fresh 2-hour transmission on demystifying + playing in the world of desire.

This breathtaking conversation serves as a *bridge* between you and Incandescence. 

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