Heal Her

2020 applications open now

9 months of radical self-reclamation &

self-administered healing.

Together, we begin April 2020

women's self-healing coven

9 months of online healing, growth and radical self-reclamation


I just can't help it..

Imagine entering a time in your life where decisions are stupidly easy, joy is an unconscious space from which you live and radiate, and all the dreams, ideas and creations, including the ways you want to feel, exist.

No matter where I turn, another sign! Calling me to this work. A new client, email, opportunity, text, phone call that deadset calls for a skill-set that is so uniquely mine.

I'm telling you, this is work the stars asked me to do.

If you feel the pull to work alongside me in an unconditional capacity, I have no doubt in my mind that we were meant to find each other.


I can't wait to meet you.

el x

This is for you if..

You resonate with the energy of excuse, stuck, perfectionism and not-good-enough.

Anxiety, depression and self-punishment are prevalent experiences for you.

You're exhausted. 


There's never enough money or time. 

You worry more than you'd like, especially about circumstances out of your control such as what others think of you.

You know deep down life could be 'different' but you're unsure how to begin.

You're eager to upgrade your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy. 

You feel the pull to work with me and you feel ready now, more than ever, to give us both the opportunity to rebirth.

You have access to the internet. 


A soul-expansive journey like you wouldn't believe.


Mentorship Details

  • 9 months of intimate conversations, teachings and radical self-reclamation, with Ellen leading and guiding your transformation wholeheartedly.

  • You will build a unique, sustainable skill-set including reclaiming your heart and body, and how to self-calibrate, self-govern and simply implement these profound teachings into your current life.  

  • Monthly coaching calls as a coven.

  • Dedicated Heal Her online space. These women will become your family. Together, we'll rise and hold space for you as you practice what you're learning. 

  •  Daily affirmations.

  • Audio training's and recordings by Ellen, offering the framework and detailed teachings for each pillar and part of our 9-month journey.  

  • BONUS health & wellness coaching.

Joining Heal Her 2020

Love, if the time is now, please click start below to begin your application.

Your application does not commit you to the program nor does it lock-down your spot in the program. 

This helps me appreciate and feel you. 

Remember, any resistance or excuse arising within you as you complete this form tells me that Heal Her is a journey meant for you. We will work through them over our 9-month heal-her-ship together. 

I love you, I see you and I'm eager to show you what awaits. 

Click 'start' to apply, love

Your Investment

9 months of upgrading your mind, body and spirit.

Payment Plan

25 Weekly

Payments of $100



20% pay in full discount