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Welcome to the edge, beautiful human.



inner conflict

Hey, beautiful being, I'm so excited that you're here...

Something tells me you've arrived -

Perhaps on some unexplainable level, you are curious now to play in the realms of solution, possibility and resolve (yum!). 

You're in the right place.


Your audacity inspires my brain into a neurological orgasm of sorts. And you better believe that's a powerful thing.  

Right now, at your very fingertips, there is a delicious opportunity to walk into new levels of thinking, feeling, creating, asking, problem-solving and being -


The very fact that you are here tells me you're more than qualified for this. And all this really requires is your yes, that's it.


Change is immediate, sweet human. 


Saying yes to change however, well, that's likely why you're here.

My vision of sitting online with you, getting to know you and your life, challenges, secret dreams, and desires - well, it's the greatest honour of my life.

So, come, walk with me through these pages and I'll show you how you being an advocate for your problems, is a wickedly powerful thing (for you, and your results).

Every Problem Has A Solution.

Albeit, not all solutions are tangible or obvious to our conscious mind.


And this is where having a powerful, kick-ass coach has been especially advantageous for my head, heart, businesses, bank accounts and relationships.


There have been many moments in my life where I've struggled to 'take my power back', shake a negative or shameful thought or pattern, land on a solution, comfort my broken heart, take a necessary leap in my life or business, make the right decision, understand why something bad has happened, set a powerful boundary, ask for more money, resolve a conflict, rise in adversity, and transmute emotions that felt heavy or stuck in my chest. 

Truthfully, just speaking about my problems and secret dreams, without censoring myself, has been a decade-long journey. So naturally, I worship your vulnerability like you wouldn't believe.

What once flawed me with anxiety, now inspires me to be with you on these pages, can you believe it? I have goosebumps just thinking about it. 


If you're new to coaching, you might be wondering how working with me will strengthen your self-reliance, heal the tethers to your past, call back your power, nourish your body and gradually curate the space for your metamorphosis...

Well, my friend, I have a rather uncanny ability to listen to your problems without enrolling myself in them. And...

When you express your problems, challenges, pain and struggles, you're also telling me about your not problems, challenges, pain and struggles. 

In other words, resolve is usually much closer than you realise. 

What is your biggest challenge or problem right now? And how would your life change if it didn't exist anymore? 

Imagine living in your body without worrying about that thing anymore. 

Imagine what else you could think about instead, that is more powerful.

Imagine knowing that your secret dreams are closer than ever before.

Imagine making decisions, investing your money, and saying yes/no, with ease.

Imagine how differently you would see yourself and your potential.

Imagine knowing who you truly are and what you're here to do.

Imagine no longer being flawed by your emotions.

Imagine having the ability to carry on with your life, unbothered, unscathed and unwilling to bury yourself at the first sign of conflict. 

If each moment of your life dictates how you experience your reality, is this not the most pertinent opportunity right now? 

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Self-advocacy is ripe within you. 

I encourage you not to associate advocating for your problems with weakness, fault or deficiency. 

Is it really weak to advocate for the things that burden and hold you back? Or is it actually the greatest honour of your life? I'll let you decide.

Coaching with me is simply a coming back to, a remembrance, if you will, of who and what you really are; A beautiful, divine, human being capable of stunning, astronomical and powerful things.  


With your heart and integrity at the helm, you better believe the direction I can point you in is physically, energetically and spiritually robust. 


My decade-long healing journey has helped me develop a powerful eye for the strategies we elicit for walking toward and away from ourselves and our secret dreams. 


Sweet human, consider the integration of your problems as nothing more than a footbridge to curating more...

  • More Choice

  • More Simplicity.

  • More Freedom

  • More Peace

  • More Money

  • More Self-Reliance

  • More Energy

  • More Clarity

  • More Resilience

  • More Power

  • Better results

And that's really why you're here, isn't it?


Are you willing to enrol yourself as the advocate for your higher-self and secret dreams?


If not you, then who? 

Problem's 101

How do you know it's a problem?

Our problems are simply an indication that we've reached the boundary conditions of our thinking. We seeminlgy 'hit a wall' and become stuck, looping in our inability to see resolve and possibility.  


No matter how tiny a problem seems, if we give it enough energy it will morph into an all-consuming experience that influences our thinking, mood, attitudes, emotions, and capacity to show up powerfully. 


I've met and worked with women who have carried problems within their hearts for years, decades, even. You can imagine then how liberating it is for them to be led into powerful resolve.

It's damn exciting to contemplate your life beyond it's current limitations. Who would you be without that problem? How would your life feel? Who else benefits from your resolve?

Here are some of the problems I'm tasked with integrating for women, as they appear on my zoom screen...

  • In-sourcing their depression and anxiety. Put another way, guiding them to reclaim their role in their experience of heightened and dissociative states;

  • Heal insecurities associated with fear of being judged, abandoned, criticised or publicly shamed;

  • Calibrating their tolerance for putting others first and establishing powerful boundaries (in a loving way), while reclaiming their personal power;

  • Loneliness;

  • Integrating "vicious" cycles of self-blame, shame, judgement, guilt and criticism, especially around food, body-image and negative thinking;

  • Hold the door for them to exit the 'rat race' and acquire more simplicity, ease, flow and heart-centred deliverance in how they show up;

  • Integrate chronic indecisiveness, people-pleasing and second-guessing. Their desire is to stand on their own two feet and make powerful decisions without fearing the consequences;

  • Untether their reliance on the external world and help them to reclaim their voice, choice, truth, intuition, and spiritual adeptness. This untethering reinvigorates who and what they truly are;​​

  • Establish what's most important to them in order to curate their hierarchy of values, so they can deliberately co-create with the universe and forge a meaninful and fullfilling path;

  • Help them discern what's expected from them and what's actually true and important to them. There is a difference;

  • Increase their self-awareness and develop new strategies that support and align with their values, goals and untold dreams;

  • Recalibrate their nervous system for safety;

  • Unhook beliefs that are contributing to less choice, freedom, peace and self-reliance, and redesign beliefs that support and uphold their highest potential;

  • Integrate shadow counterparts to establish a deeper sense of wholeness and understanding of self and the world;

  • Highlight the ways they're minimising their gifts, playing small, hiding, making excuses, and contributing to their own suffering. With immense love and compassion. 

  • Lock in new levels of thinking, feeling, creating, problem-solving and intuitive knowing. 

If you're unaccustomed to making powerful choices for yourself, this work is especially for you. Just imagine the possibility on the other side of just one problem you're currently experiencing. 

 Self-reliance is a curious thing... 

I could count the ways in which we tremble, over-react, please, hide and freeze, out of pure survival (because once upon a time these things meant 'love or abandonment' (life or death)). 


But, surviving is not living, my love, no matter how snug and predictable it seems. 


These parts of us, of you, that are expressed through hyper-vigilance, perfectionism, self-punishment, hiding, excuse, fear, anxiety, shame, indecision & criticism, do not serve your highest intention for your life. These afflictions deserve more space, and to be lovingly reclaimed. 

Dare I mention the conditions of our lives that lead us to believe that we are unworthy, undeserving even, of having more than enough (choice, money, joy, energy, love, fun)?

It truly is so brave to be the source of your own liberation. And together, it's not just possible, it's easy. 


My friend, where you are not deliberate, you are automatic. And thus, repeat the patterns and results of the past. This is why appointing yourself some guidance is not only a powerful act of self-advocacy, it's a sure-fire way to lock in new levels.

We simply cannot change what we cannot see. 

Instead, we rely on our senses and the quality of our lives to communicate where healing opportunities may be. 

Exactly how we experience our lives is our barometer for not only what's missing, but what's absolutely possible. 

Enrolling yourself as an advocate for your secret dreams is a contract of self-backing. We do not enter such a contract with the intention to find new ways to bury ourselves.

Together, we'll walk a revered path of self-understanding mixed with spontaneous moments of self-liberation and power, that enhance your life like you wouldn't believe. 

My friend, I have the desire, experience, and capacity to untangle problems at lightning speed so you can enjoy life differently, powerfully.

Whaddaya say?

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I once begged an ex-boyfriend not to leave me.


My desperation to never face loneliness often outweighed my ability to see myself and my worth clearly.

You can bet your sweet.. ahem... self, that I have a collection of stories just like this one. 

And yet, I can stand before you today, solid as a rock.

I didn't get lucky. I got deliberate.

Sweet human, you're not destined to suffer.

When you enrol yourself as an advocate for your problems and your desires, you naturally begin to see yourself and the world differently.

The more you invest in your problems, the more your life will reflect reality-altering solutions and possibilities, and effortlessly.

This work deeply influences the woman you are becoming and the way you feel moment to moment.

With your willingness, you will enhance your self-understanding and begin to reconcile who you are with all of who you are. 

Just as you advocate for what's impossible, I'll teach you to advocate for everything that truly is (possible). 

It is the greatest honour of my life, having women walk onto my zoom screen and lay it out for me - they get up different women.

Before you know it, what once triggered you will no longer limit you, and on with your life you go.

This is why we're here, my friend.

Work With Me...


Your Investment

There are 2 ways to work with me 1:1;

1-Off Coaching Session

Your invitation is to sit with me in a non-committed way and see what's here for you. You can book a 1-off session for $179 (valued at $1k) for a total of two sessions. This is a short-term container and will serve you in exploring what's hot on your heart, including the direction, clarity, and listening skills you need right now. I really love this opportunity for you and I hope you feel it too.

You can book your one-off sessions here. 

Long-Term Container

Your inviration is to join forces in a 3, 6 or 12-month coaching container. Remembering that we all need people in this way, to guide, mentor and support us on our life journey.  

This is a long-term commitment in exploring more than what's arising for you in this moment. This is about aligning and rewiring your life to match your heart, values & secret dreams. It is transformative on a multitude of levels. 


Your investment for these exquisite containers is $2,700 for 3-months, $5,000 for 6-months, and $9,000 for a 12-month container. What's included changes often as I am always reinventing the wheel in terms of adding value to my clients. My friend, our work is not a set-in-stone journey. What's required from me as your mentor will change as you evolve. You will receive everything you need and then some (I promise) and I love this for you. 

Note: Payment plans are available at a min. of $100/week.

Apply to work with me long-term here.


It's important that we feel aligned and excited to work together prior to making any commitments. I'll reach out to confirm a time to chat once I receive your application.

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Working with El has helped me to really listen to my inner voice and use it when needed. Before working with El, I was always questioning myself or looking for answers externally or outside of myself. I now know, more than ever before, deep within myself, that EVERYTHING is always happening for me.

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It’s hard to put into words the magic El creates. Since I started working with her, I have softened into myself in a way I never have before. Ellen has a beautiful gentle way of teaching and bringing you back to yourself. She led me deeper into myself to bring the forgotten parts of myself into the light. I also loved El's Heal Her programme and I love our 1:1 coaching. Since working with her I am so aware of how I respond to myself, what I whisper to myself, how I view myself and my interactions with the world. I have changed how I nurture and motivate myself. I feel very grateful to have met her and to be sharing her wisdom. Ellen is so deeply aligned with her values and her souls calling, it’s inspiring to witness and to work with her.



I will be eternally greatful that my journey in life crossed with El's. Ellen is a unique insightful, compassionate and uplifting soul who has guided me and supported me like no other could.  She has never told me what I should do or how I should do things. She has this uncanny ability to question my thoughts in order for me to make my own decisions. She has helped to heal pain from the past, guided me to experience the joys of fueling my body with wholesome foods, pushed me physically and made me realise that anything is possible! No matter how many times I fall down  she is there, no judgement. There is no one word that can encompass “who” Ellen is. The closest I can say is “pure magic”. Ellen grounds me. Inspires me. Lifts me up. Fills me with strength and optimism. She is a gift.

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I knew before working with Ellen, that I wanted to leave my full-time job which I'd been saying to my friends for years I was going to do before turning 50. And I did it! While working with Ellen it become more apparent to me how unhappy I was in a few areas of my life. I have learned to listen to my heart and be kinder to myself. I am less worried about what other's think and I am so happy to have changed my work-life balance. I found working with Ellen very challenging and would dread the first few calls because I knew that she would ask what I perceived to be 'hard questions'. Over time it became easier and it has been such a beautiful way to explore and learn about myself. I've learned about so many different sides of myself and more importantly, what I'm truly capable of.



Working with Ellen has been incredible.

El has been great in the way she challenges you without criticising you, providing the safest environment to express how you feel and to ask questions.

There is no judgement or expectations only support and a beautiful insight into finding your strengths and resolving internal and external conflicts. 

The emotional work we worked through was incredible being able to actually identify what I was feeling and learning how to express in a way I was comfortable with. 

El was amazing in helping me work out what I actually want and who I want to be and who I don’t want to show up as.

I cannot recommend working with Ellen more, beautifully life-changing.

Still unsure?

I remember the first time my very first coach called me.


I was sitting on my driveway with a gut full of nerves, waiting for her call. I was in a relationship at the time that felt like it might implode if I did this. And yet, something inside of me just knew it was time. That feeling, gratefully, outweighed my anxiety and I answered the call. 

She wasn't what I expected. I could feel her holding all of me (literally, every part of me) from the other side of the country. And for the first time in my life, I felt geniunely seen. She really listened to me and I walked away from our chat committed to imperfectly healing myself. It was the best 6k investment I ever made. 


The woman (me) writing these words today, is who she is because of that conversation 8 years ago. I have no doubt in my mind that if you're here, you're mean't to be. 

Making the decision to up-level your life is brave, my friend. If you're unsure, anxious or excited, amazing. This is exactly why you're here, isn't it?


I can help you decide if this is a venture worth pursuing, and if you're 'problems' and life-vision align with my ability to genuinely co-create with you. Go ahead and schedule a free 15-minute consultation here

Be warned, I'm not here to play silly buggers. Bring your gut full of nerves, excitement, and your questions, and we'll explore together over a quick chat. 

Your secret dreams are safe with me.

El xx